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Since 1974 in mattress industry we make all tipe off mattress like cotton coir foam memory foam letax mattress We also dealer of kurlon mattress in mumbai wide range off mattresses Purity n best quality n costumer satisfaction is our moto

Kurlon journey is a fine lesson in entrepreneurship. During a visit to Germany, Ramesh Pai discovered that high-end motor car seats used rubberized coconut-coir fibre manufactured from Sri Lankan base material. He knew that India was one of the largest producers of coconut in the world and so, he rightly assumed, there was a new business to be pioneered. Charged with this thought, he returned home to start his journey of discovering how best he could take advantage of the coir husk India produced. He found that coconut coir was being used only by the cottage industry to manufacture retted fabric.A From here his idea took shape and become the predecessor to Kurlon at Karnataka Consumer Products Limited it was formed in 1962.

He brought in Austrian technology to extract fibre from the husk and curl it into ropes. A slew of opportunities opened up upon this craft. Rather than restrict himself to mattresses he also developed an ancillary range of products such as cushions and mats. In 2004 it ventured beyond providing just a better sleep experience and extended its product range into the home comfort segment.